Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I actually got it finished for the 30/30 challenge deadline of today, September 30th.
A real change of subject for me and I think not the last.
I had thought these guys would be a one time appearance but they may be back.

Watercolor, 14" x 22"

Each character has a memory for me either of my own as a child or may children.
This made the piece a pleasure from beginning to end.
My attraction to this particular set up is the reflections in both the tray and the bowl.
They gave me the chance to exaggerate the already ridiculous subject.
The fabric under the set up is actually an old bed sheet from my then little children's rooms.
(Formally dug out of a drawer where it was saved as a drop sheet for house painting projects.)

This style is also a bit different for me as I have outlined each object with a very thin application of 
Paynes Gray and Shadow Violet.
My hope was to give it a comic book/ cartoon look to add to the theme.
The shadows and highlights are also exaggerated for the same reason.

Thank you again for following along this month for the challenge.
The basic idea for this challenge is to paint every day and to try new things.
So I come out of this with at least one new way of working and a finished painting.
A good months work.

On to other things!


  1. These have been so fun to look at! Wonderful work!

  2. Congratulations Carmella! It has been very interesting seeing your ideas unfold this month. Beautiful final painting, it is fun to piece it all together.


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