Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daisy Doings- Acrylic Transfer with Mixed Media

This technique is not for the perfectionist.  You just have to roll with the punches.
Sometimes it transfers great and sometimes it doesn't.
But those imperfections are a characteristic of this medium.

Daisy Doings 
Acrylic Transfer with Mixed Media

Below are the steps to making a transfer.
It works better with black and white than color.

You must use a xerox copy of your piece for an effective transfer.

For this particuliar method a printer copy just doesn't work.
Paint the face up side of your xerox liberally but not saturated 
with Acrylic Gel Medium.

Quickly lay the paper, face down, on your chosen surface and roll over with a brayer.

Just a couple of minutes with good pressure will do it.

No need to let dry.
Immediately lift the paper off your surface.
(I used 140 lb watercolor paper here, but extra mat board from your framing activites would work too.)
You will see a thin film of paper covering the image.

Begin to gently rub off the film with wet fingertips.
You will see your transfer appear.

My original on the right and transfer on the left.

Now the real fun begins.

Paint, stencil, collage, pour, drip, whatever gets you going.

You Tube will have plenty of demos for your viewing.

There are many mixed media artists who do this much better than me.
But I'm glad I tried because it took me way out of my comfort zone!

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