Thursday, September 24, 2015

Daisy Doings - Pointilism

There is much to learn in the art room with a lesson featuring Pointilism.
Optical color mixing, Seurat, color value and patience.
 It is beyond tedious except for a few students 
who revel in just this sort of work. 
As do I.

There is something incredibly relaxing about it like needlepoint, or mosaic work.

Daisy Doings

Georges Seurat was one of the Post-Impressionist.
His work of optical mixing was an important precursor to the Op Art Movements
of the mid 20th century.

This big kid version would have been loathed by middle schoolers so I always
modified this for their lessons.
By keeping the image small and manageable, the dots applied a little larger than
you see here and using it as an activity center
which students go to in between projects, it was fresh every time they went to work on it.


  1. Thank you all! I may continue these experiemnts past the challenge dates.
    It's fun and might make an interesting collection.


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