Thursday, August 11, 2016

Color Testing and other things

Color Testing

I was honored to recieve the M. Graham Award for my painting "Lemoncello"
at this years Pennsylvania Watercolor Society International Exhibition.
While getting any award at these very competitive shows is cause for a happy dance, 
I was not so sure about the actual gift that came with it.
M. Graham Watercolors? 
Never heard of them and I must admit I've become a bit of a W&N, Daniel Smith snob.
But the 18 tube set of professional watercolors was valued at $300.00 
so I thought I should give them a chance.

I went to work on my chart for these little beauties.
I was told they were nice and bright  (right up my alley),
which they seem to be.
An ingrdient in these paints is honey which enhances their pigments.
I was warned, however, that because of this is you lay them on too thickly they never dry.
More experimenting in order before I actually use them.
For now I will place a piece of opaque tape over one side of each color and sit the chart in a sunny window for a few days to test their lightfastness.
Any fugitive colors will get the boot.

I'll be back to let you know the results.

Over the summer I recieved my certificate as a Signature Member in the Northwest Watercolor Society.
It proudly hangs on my studio wall.

I was away from my table for a few months.
This was my first painting when I finally got back at it in July.
Felt a bit rusty on this one but it was a helpful process.

Then I was ready for my first large painting in quite a while.

"Bridal Bouquet", Watercolor 20" x 20"
©Carmella tuliszewski

My daughter's bridal bouquet of peonies in soft shades of pink with lavander shadows. The bouquet lays on top of one of the gold charger plates used at her reception with a single flower from a table setting. The lace band around the stem was cut from my own wedding dress and the lace in the background was made over a hundred years ago by my Italian grandmother. 
All in all a true labor of love and a gift for my daughter.

Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I've been up to.
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