Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Illustrated Merry Christmas

Well. I have offically been caught up in all the hoopla that this season brings!
There has not been much time for painting this month.  
But I have managed, here and there, to make time for my illustrated family Christmas card.  
I know this is not the type of work you are used to seeing from me but it is a tradition
30 years in the making.
I started these pen and ink illustrations with just my husband and myself when we were first married down to our very grown up children today.

A new family member added this year,  my daughter-in-law, Jenni!
The three angels on the right are for mine and Larry's parents who have passed away.  
They have appeared on the card in this way every year since they've been gone.
The paw prints in the snow and the bone are for our beloved little beagle, Glenn, who was a true member of our family and has been gone now for almost four years.
We adopted him from a rescue and he lived with us for almost 13 years.

And a few from past years.

I often dressed us in Dickens type clothing.  
Sadly, this was Glenn's last appearance as he passed away the following Spring.

Santas Workshop
Can you find Glenn and the Angels?

The Twelve Days of Christmas.  What was I thinking!
It was quite a feat getting it all on an 11" x 17" space but it is fun to look at.




This was the first Christmas since my Dad passed away.
That's him watching us from the shop window.
This illustration was made for him in honor of a childhood memory. 
My Dad, brother, sisters and I always walked a few blocks away to buy our tree from a city lot.
We then all carried it home together to decorate.

The kids are 3 and 6 years old here.  Where does the time go.

As you can imagine, doing this for 30 years there are alot more but these are my favorites.

After my mother in law passed away we were at her house cleaning up.
A very sad task.  
While going through some things I found a box in which she had saved all the cards
from the first year on.
I have them packed away for safe keeping.

Merry Christmas friends and celebrate a Happy New Year!
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