Friday, March 10, 2017

February's Flowers and the FAV 15

February turned out to be a floral month for me.
During my many years as a greeting card illustrator flowers were my 
bread and butter as a freelance artist.
I still go back to them now when I need a refresher.

"Sunbathers II", Watercolor, 12" x 14"

The complementary hues of green, yellow-green and red, yellow-orange made this piece
just pop from the paper.  I have always found oranges difficult to work with but I'm getting better at it by slowing down and not building up the darks too quickly.
Vermillion is my go to paint, in combination with various reds, to get the vibrancy needed here.

"Lupine", Watercolor, 7" x 14"

I found this beauty while walking through a garden show in my sister in laws neighborhood last summer.  All flowers seem to be given a meaning and that meaning for the Lupine is loyalty.

"Sunset", Watercolor, 20" x 21"

I am thrilled that "Sunset" was included in the FAV 15 from January's
Bold Brush Painting Contest on FASO.

I will go back into it soon to deepen and brighten in a few spots.
I set this still up in the early morning sunrise in December when 
the light coming up cast long saturated shadows. 

My bottle collection is growing by leaps and bounds.
I find them in a favorite thrift store for $1 or less a piece but I have seen some of them 
on eBay for much more.
(One at $250! Gotta love a good bargain :)
They live in the windows around my house as a source of constant inspiration.

I am working on a new bottle painting now.
Just in the drawing stage, which will take awhile, as the piece measures the size of a full sheet of watercolor paper at 22" x 30".
But I am just mesmerized by it and cant wait to lay a brush to it!
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