Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just Jammin'

I have moved onto my next painting in the Italian Street People series.  I am intrigued by the look between the two musicians in this one.  Is it "Hey how cool are we!" or "Another day of keeping the tourists happy."
Whichever it is I am amused by their shared day of music under the Tuscan sun.
This is part research and part my memories of walking through this little town.  I added the tall flower pots instead of the unattractive concrete barriers which were actually there.  And what is Europe without a few pigeons hanging around?   So they are popped into the scene.  Makes it more intersting don't you think?  Working on this series reminds me of my days as an illustrator.
Well, time for a lunch break and I'll start painting this afternoon.  Be back in a couple of days to show my progress.  Thanks for stopping by!
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

I start with the figures here because they are the areas of the painting that I consider the most difficult.  Not much detail yet but feeling good about the coloring and especially happy with the eye connection of the two musicians to each other.  So far so good.

What I am finding with these figures is that less truly is more (a difficult concept for me).  All it takes is a light dab of color to be enough to indicate a smile or a squint.  I want to keep this sun drenched look of the day.  The cobblestones so identified with the streets of Rome are accomplished by a sketchy brushing of a Paynes Grey following the arched grid I have drawn in.

Almost there.  Right now that big, dark door in the background is driving me crazy!  It really does help to photograph and post in stages.  It's very odd, but I see what needs tweeking easier up on screen than I do with the original right in front of me.  Today I will finish the center structure behind the musicians and then go back to that door.  Maybe it's too blue?  Well we shall see!

"Sunny Day Concert", Watercolor. 14" x 18"
©Carmella Tuliszewski

Monday, February 11, 2013


"Balloon Piazza"
Watercolor, 12" x 28"
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013
Watermark does not appear on original.

Well the first of my Italian street scenes is done.  I was so attracted to this scene because of the balloon characters and the light contrasts.  I won't lie, this was a challenge.  Not exactly like painting flowers but really the same applications apply.  I remember so clearly when I took this photo.  I had passed the scene but did not see it's potential until I turned around to look from a little distance.  The light just glowed through the balloons and the girls on the right.   If you have ever been to Rome you will smile as you recognize those beautiful bluish cobblestones that cover all the streets.
And of course the stunning shutters everywhere and that golden color of the buildings.
Light, color and that sun drenched feel is what I wanted here and with the exception of a little tweeking, I am pretty happy with it.  

These Italian paintings will not be for sale but I will have Giclees made if there is any interest.
But for now they will become a chronical of our trip.  I could be working on this for quite awhile, 
I have so much research.

I worked differently on this piece because it is so large and I work in a small space.
The first time, actually, that I've used my new easel.  Most of the time I sat with the board on my lap leaning against the easel and using my table to hold palettes and paints.  By the way, it may look it, but I don't work in a cave.  This picture just turned out much darker than the room actually is!

I used a different paint this time and the jury is still out on my using them again.
These are Dr. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor.  
They were great for the color I wanted for this as they are brighter than my tube colors.  It made it interesting to contol the saturation rate.  But what I did not like about them is that they do not allow much lift.  I really missed having that option to lighten an area, but it did require some discipline on my part to make the right value choices in the first place.
I think they will be amazing for something more abstact or flat design projects.
They do, however, blend and glaze beautifully.

Thanks for stopping by!

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