Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just Jammin'

I have moved onto my next painting in the Italian Street People series.  I am intrigued by the look between the two musicians in this one.  Is it "Hey how cool are we!" or "Another day of keeping the tourists happy."
Whichever it is I am amused by their shared day of music under the Tuscan sun.
This is part research and part my memories of walking through this little town.  I added the tall flower pots instead of the unattractive concrete barriers which were actually there.  And what is Europe without a few pigeons hanging around?   So they are popped into the scene.  Makes it more intersting don't you think?  Working on this series reminds me of my days as an illustrator.
Well, time for a lunch break and I'll start painting this afternoon.  Be back in a couple of days to show my progress.  Thanks for stopping by!
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

I start with the figures here because they are the areas of the painting that I consider the most difficult.  Not much detail yet but feeling good about the coloring and especially happy with the eye connection of the two musicians to each other.  So far so good.

What I am finding with these figures is that less truly is more (a difficult concept for me).  All it takes is a light dab of color to be enough to indicate a smile or a squint.  I want to keep this sun drenched look of the day.  The cobblestones so identified with the streets of Rome are accomplished by a sketchy brushing of a Paynes Grey following the arched grid I have drawn in.

Almost there.  Right now that big, dark door in the background is driving me crazy!  It really does help to photograph and post in stages.  It's very odd, but I see what needs tweeking easier up on screen than I do with the original right in front of me.  Today I will finish the center structure behind the musicians and then go back to that door.  Maybe it's too blue?  Well we shall see!

"Sunny Day Concert", Watercolor. 14" x 18"
©Carmella Tuliszewski

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