Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Northwest Watercolor Society

I learned this week that my painting "Glimmerglass" was accepted into
The Northwest Watercolor Society 76th International Exhibition.
56 paintings choosen out of 400 entries.
I am so honored.
With this acceptance I will also earn my Signature Membership Status
with the NWWS.

"Glimmerglass" Watercolor, 15" x 30"
©Carmella Tuliszewski

Larry and I traveled out to Seattle for last years show and had a great time 
with all the convention activities and sightseeing.
We won't be able to make it for this years show in April.
My daughter is getting married this Spring and since we are already set to spend a
 weekend in New York for the AWS show, our time is limited.
But it's a wonderful organization and we do hope to make it back there someday and even have dreams of tagging an Alaskan Cruise into the trip.

For now I am working a new flower painting and think I will finish it today.
All the while cooking up some ideas for my next big still life.

Thanks for stopping by!

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