Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Treasures 1

I am handling this work a little differently than previous paintings.
I have outlined each candy container very thinly with a Paynes Gray,
and exaggerated the highlights and shadows.
My hope is to create a comic book or cartoon feel to the overall scene
while keeping it a realistic painting.

You can see now that some of the containers lay on a reflective surface.
So fun to paint and adds a little complexity to the set up.

Another sneak peek tomorrow!

"Treasures" (section)
©Carmella Tuliszewski


  1. They are fun, you have quite a collection! Missed yesterdays, love this series!

  2. It is fun! My PEZ collection has slowly grown over the past year so I'm happy to have found an outlet for them.
    One find was a bag of 20 very old ones for $3 at a thrift store.
    I now store them in a large clear bowl in my studio to keep me company :)

  3. Really cute and so well done!!! Love the colors you got!!


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