Monday, September 21, 2015

Daisy Doings - Pen & Ink

While I continue to work behind the scenes on "Treasures",
I'd like to switch gears for the last week of the challenge.

Every year or so I wrote and presented a lesson to all grades titled, "Dragonology".

Students designed a dragon using reference to lizards, snakes and even up close views of insects,
just to get them started.
Some designs were very dramatic and scary, some were sweet,
and some were graphic/cartoony looking.
But whatever their imagination came up with the main objective was to illustrate it with fine line marker exhibiting three line techniques: hatch, crosshatch and stipple.

It was a project based on Albrecht Durer's "Rhinoceros".

Daisy Doings #1
Pen & Ink Drawing.
©Carmella Tuliszewski

I will take a Sunflower photo of mine from the Philadelphia Flower Show 
and transform the image into art using a different medium each day.

First up, a pen & ink drawing.
Time does not allow for a dragon design but the technique is the same.
Drawing to resemble an etching was my first love in making art.
Long before I learned how to mix colors and blend on paper, I was drawing with pen and ink.
The depth created using hatch and cross hatch marks is just a pleasure to create.

This first transformation will be my base for other transformations to come.

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