Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Daisy Doings - Pen & Ink with Gouache

I have taken yesterday's pen & ink drawing and worked in various tints of Gouache.
I used Gouache all through college and into my time as a greeting card illustrator.
It's very versatile when used opaquely or watered down to thin washes.

In the classroom, Gouache of course is cost prohibited.
Enter the much used Tempera.
I used a student grade Tempera by Dick Blick and I have to say it always 
worked well for my and the students needs in the art room.

Tempera was my favorite medium for color value lessons 
experimenting with
tints and shades usually within the frame of an Impressionist lesson.

Daisy Doings 
Pen & Ink with Gouache
©Carmella Tuliszewski

I love the rich opaques allowing just enough line work to show thru.
I will have to do more of these!


  1. A wonderful mixture of line and color. The yellows and blues are beautiful! I love this technique, thanks for sharing your process Carmella!

  2. Thank you Celia and Sheila. This is the one product of this challenge that I really am happy with and will work in again.
    So I guess it's all worht it :)


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