Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Well Loved Doves" (Almost There)

Not far to go now but I wanted to share one last view before the finish.

© Carmella Tuliszewski 2012

The greens are the story this time.  There is still much defining to do between leaf shapes and values.
I mix most of my own greens using varying shades of blues, browns, violets and yellows but the greens I use from the tube most often are Hookers Green Dark and Sap Green.  The reason I mix most of my own greens is because some greens from the tube are highly pigmented.  This means they can actually have a gritty texture and become dirty looking.  Modeling the leaf greens so that they become part of the whole and not a muddled mess is tricky and I move slowing here to refine and define while still trying to keep it natural looking.

My table at this point.  I am a neat, organized painter.  Most of which comes from being on staff as an artist in an open space and attempting to keep my area respectable looking.

I will be back next time with the completed painting.  At this point I am thinking about the next project and ready to move on.  But it is exciting the closer I get to the finish and that keeps me focused.


  1. Looking good gf! You are not kidding . . . You ARE NEAT AREN'T YOU?

    1. Thanks. Haha, Unfortunately, only in my work area!


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