Monday, January 2, 2012

Just a Little More Christmas

Before we move out of the Christmas holidays, I'd like to show you those pen and ink Christmas cards I mentioned earlier.  They each measure 11" x 17".  There are actually 30 of them, begun the year Larry and I were married in 1982.  Family and friends have watched our family grow every year upon receiving a card.

Each is completed with a Rapidiograph Pen with points 3x0, 00, 1 & 2.
I begin with an idea, work from photos for the faces and make up the rest, including body positions, costumes and surroundings.  As a painter, I observe what's in front of me.  As an illustrator, I take what I see and invent a situation or story.  I love both professions equally and will share both over the course of writing this blog.

All images Copyright © Carmella Tuliszewski

Because our children are grown and out on their own now, I opted to do a different card this year.
But I may return to the "illustrated family" sometime again.  I has been a great chronicle of our family.


  1. Wow, that's impressive. I really enjoyed seeing these Carmella! I wish I had been getting your cards for the last 30 years! I would love to see them all in person sometime. Cheryl Briard did a similar thing, in rapidiograph - with her family as the characters, and I received her cards for many years. I will try to dig some of them out for you to see next time we visit.

  2. I would love to see them! And I'd like to have you and Nancy visit me down the shore once it warms up again. Thanks for all your nice comments.


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