Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Well Loved Doves" (Almost Halfway Through)

Well I am at that point in a painting which every artist loves.  There's still a long way to go but the composition is set, the colors are worked out and I can see it completed in my head.  Love that!

© Carmella Tuliszewski 2012

The grays are very important here, and as I've mentioned before, no blacks in the grays.  Of course you can use a black or a gray right from the tube, but making your own gray out of a wonderful combination of blues, violets and even greens is much more satisfying.  In this case I have used Permanent Rose, Ultramarine Blue and New Gamgoge.  In spots there is even a little Hookers Green washed in to reflect the leaves.  I can see now that because the red in the ribbon is so strong I will have to darken some of those grays but that will come later.  For now it's onto the many greens and details, details, details!  Have a good weekend everyone!

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