Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Well Loved Doves" (Just getting started)

These little stuffed doves appeared as the topper on our wedding cake almost 30 years ago.  Every year since they have made an appearance on our Christmas tree.  They are the worse for wear, a little tattered and stained but that's what makes them so wonderful.  As I was putting Christmas away around the house I scooped up my doves and placed them in the holly tree in my yard.

©Carmella Tuliszewski 2012

This first stage is always a little difficult to see.  There is a lot going on in the background with an intertwining of leaves, twigs, berries and light poking through.  And yes, I love that and am anxious to pick out all those details.  The ribbon is a red, green and white stripe which will pop out of the background and give just the kind of contrast I like.

Really looking forward to tomorrow when I have off from school.  I think I'll listen to the new Les Mis and Glee DC's my son gave me for Christmas and paint away.

And here we are.
You can just make out the doves on top of the cake.

Yikes, how young we look!

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