Friday, January 13, 2012

Garden Exhibit- I'm in!

Well I had some good news yesterday.  I have been selected as one of the city's artist in the
Adirondack Chairs Re-interpreted Exhibit.  The what you say?
This exhibit is curated by the Morris Arboretum, The Woodmere Art Museum and The University of Pennsylvania.  Artists are selected on basis of submission letters and portfolios.  So I have been awarded a slot in this.  It's the first fine art exhibit I've entered so I am very excited.

Adirondack Chair


      It's a good thing I have some moderate carpentry skills becuase what I'm thinking of now will require some nailing and sawing at some point.   I won't be able to post the results until the exhibit is actually up.  I will take pictures of the in-progress stages to post later.

The exhibit will  be displayed all over the grounds of the Morris Arboretum
May through September 2012.

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  1. YAY! That's exciting, I can't wait till September!


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