Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Butterfly Affect- Watercolor

First of all, Happy New Year!
After a long break I am happy to be back at my table.
I have a lot of goals for 2014 and lots to share with you.
Now my plans for the month of January.

I am taking part in the Leslie Seata 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.
Only I will do an abbreviated version more like 15/30.
I love taking part in this to meet so many wonderful artists from around the world.
But I have a large painting ready to go that I just couldn't stand to wait a month to start!
So for january I will split my time between the two projects.

The Butterfly Affect is my attempt to do several small works, all different, but all using the same butterfly.  I have been painting the same way for a few years now, and although I love it and have had some success with it, I never allow myself time to experiment or play and I need to.
So that's the theme for my 15/30, to play!

Every other day I will present this little guy done a different way with varied media
using acrylics, pouring, printing, collage and much more.  Of course watercolor will make several appearances but used differently than my usual.

I am calling this little experiment an Affect rather than the more familiar Butterfly Effect.
Affect is an action word, the verb, meaning to have influence, impress and produce a change.
And that's my goal, to play and find something new I can bring to my work.

The Butterfly Affect - Watercolor
©Carmella Tuliszewski

 I thought I'd start out with what is familiar and go from there.
I chose the butterfly because it's easy to draw quickly over and over again so I can get to the experimenting part that much faster.  And who could miss the obvious symbolism of change and new beginnings both this challenge and the new year bring.
I look forward to digging out my unused art supplies.

So please follow along with the good, the bad and the ugly of the Butterfly Affect either by joining my blog or LIKE my Facebook Studio Page!


  1. Congratulations Carmella! This is a great idea ... This butterfly will guide your artistic evolution into something higher. May your growth, like the four stages of transformation of the butterfly, idea (egg), research (larvae), development (cocoon) and butterfly (new reality) will offer accelerated personal growth and will bring you much joy! I am excited for you and look forward to taking this journey with you! Remember I will always be here for support. Happy New Year Dear Friend ~ xo Sandy

    1. Thank you so much Sandy and good luck to you as you also take on this challenge. I'll be watching to see what wonderful pieces you come up with. Happy New Year to you and Jerry!

    2. What an excellent project! I look forward to seeing all your different 'takes' and experimentation here! This one is simply beautiful - perfection, Happy New Year!


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