Friday, January 31, 2014

A Collection

Original Watercolor paintings ©Carmella Tuliszewski

Well, I didn't approach anywhere near 30 paintings this month.  
But I knew that going in and no regrets.  
It was much more important to me to work on my large painting.

I did, however, come up with a new way of working with my pen & ink watercolors and 
I will add to that collection from time to time.

Congratulations to all the artists who accomplished their challenge and those who participated!
I really loved checking out your works everyday.
And thank you so much to those who were nice enough to stop by and see 
what I was working on as the days passed.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Your collection of works from this month is incredible Carmella! You master any technique you choose, congratulations!

    1. I wish I believed that but thank you for the vote of confidence Celia!

  2. Beautiful collection! I love your work!

    1. So nice to hear from you again Sheila and thank you!

  3. Your paintings are beautiful. My daughter has just started watercolor and I sent her here to your blog for inspiration.

  4. Thank you so much for the generous compliment! And I am happy to know your daughter will follow my progress. I welcome any questions about processes and color.

  5. Love your 30/30 collection, Carmella and I'm glad you got a new technique out of it! See, it pays to step out of your comfort zone once in a while! xo Sandy


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