Friday, January 17, 2014

Pen & Ink Red Lillies

I admire and appreciate loose and spontaneous watercolors.
I, however, have never been able to pull it off.  
Mostly because I see the finish a different way in my head with light and all the glorious details. 
 I just can't walk away from a painting until it's as close to that image as I can get.

But this style of a detailed ink drawing first, then loose, splashy paint makes it easier.
With the drawing as a base I feel free to loosen up knowing that I can't totally destroy it because that drawing will still be there.

I am enjoying this as something different. 
And maybe a little of that looseness will carry over to my other work.

Pen, Ink ans Watercolor on Hot Press illustration Board.
©Carmella Tuliszewski


  1. I love the combination of ink with watercolor. The birds eye view is beautiful and your colors stunning! I particularly love the poured effect in the background.

    1. Thank you Celia. I am slowly warming up to this style of working. I do miss painting details but promised myself I'd see this through. It is nice to finish a painting in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days or weeks!


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