Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flow Blue and Gerber Dasies- Progressions

Composition is always important when you set out to plan a painting but especially
so when laying out a still life.   I love still lifes.  I love finding interesting objects and
"setting the stage" with props and lighting.
Here I set the stage so that your eye travels with the daisies down through the the scene on the
diagonal to the focal point of the two flowers sitting in the front plate.

These antique flow blue dishes hang in my dining room as a collection I started over 20 years ago.
The design became smudged as the dish was imprinted, hence the name, and making for fun watercolor painting.
They date from about the 1880's to the 1930's.

Now the real fun begins!  Orange and blue are complementary colors and classic together.
Color intensity comes from the color itself and from the colors around it.
But more on colors later.  I tore out some pedals and just let them drop.
I do like the circle on circle design but wanted to break it up some by introducing a new shape.

Now I need to make sure it will look the way I see it in my head by starting details.

Moving along, excited every morning to get back at it.
I love that even though these are all the same variety of flower, they are all so different.

"Autumn Suns",  Watercolor,  18" x 24"
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

Next Post- All the fun color receips used on this piece!

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