Sunday, November 17, 2013

Autumn Jewels

"Autumn Jewwls"
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

The morning of our son's wedding my husband and I were up super early.  I don't know if it was excitement or nerves but there we were looking at a long, long morning of waiting to get ready.
We went down to the hotel lobby, grabbed some coffee and sat outside.
What an amzing morning it was!  Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.
After a awhile Larry started to fall asleep in the rocking chair so i deceided to take a walk with my camera in the Cooperstown very early morning sunshine.

Now you can imagine the multitude of colorful leaves blossoming on an Autumn day in upstate New York, but this branch really stopped me.
Every color from golds to magentas to blues were on this one branch reaching out to the light.

Since this is the first time I have ever painted leaves, I'm sure I have not done nature justice but this little painting will always remind me of that perfect morning.


  1. The colors are always amazing in your artwork but this one in particular has a magical glow. It is a beautiful reminder of your son's wedding day.

  2. This is absolutely stunning! What a fantastic reminder of a special day!

    1. I really appreciate you stopping by to take a look, thank you Karen!


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