Monday, September 2, 2013

Packing & Shipping a Large Framed Painting

So you work and study and work again just hoping to get into your first big show.  
The day arrives for the acceptance list to be published.  And there it is, YOUR NAME!  
Happy dance time!  So now what?
Well if the show is many miles away you will have to prep it and ship it.  But how do you do this and just who do you entrust your baby with to get it there safely?

Now I have shipped paintings before, as large as 20" x 20" but they were backed and matted and not so diffilcut to deal with.  But this was my first large fully framed piece.  So I thought I'd share how I managed this brave new world of shipping precious cargo.

Before I left for vacation I shipped off my painting for the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Show.
Framed it measured 24" x 30".  I order my boards in bulk and cut my own foam board backing and beveled edged mats, saves a ton of money.  Years ago I bought a Logan Compact Mat Cutter.  Super easy to use and worth it's weight in gold.

Here's a short instructional video if you happen to be in the market for one.

I also order pre-made wood frames from Dick Blick but instead of using the clip board backing that comes with it I like to make it more presentable by using a point driver to attach foam board and I then cover up the back with heavy brown kraft paper and double sided tape.
With the eyelets and heavy wire attached I'm ready to ship.

I did a lot of research for containers for my painting and deceided on Master Pack.
visit their website here

The box needed to be reusable for the gallery to send back to me at the end of the show. 
(Unless it sells during the show which would be Happy Dance time again!)

You see here that I have cut out the size of my framed art in the center of the foam so that it is buffered on all sides.  Very Easy.

Here my painting sits cushioned on all sides and in a bed of foam underneath and on top.
I close it up, with clear packing tape, two pieces on each of the three open sides and off to the shipper.

I chose UPS.  They were very helpful and I have already checked tracking and know my painting arrived at the gallery and was signed by Bob at the front desk. (Thanks Bob!)

The Pa Watercolor Society had very specific instructions about framing and what they would not accept in the shipping process (no peanuts! and of course not glass.)

Wondering what all this costs?  Well, it's not cheap. The box was about $80.00 and shipping was $112.00 round trip (you have to include prepaid return postage in your shipment.)
So is it worth it?
Heck Yeah!  
It's an honor to be included with so many fabulous artists from around the world.
It's also great exposure and credentials.
But it's something to think about as you enter these shows.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who needs to ship a large important package.

Now the Philadelphia Watercolor Society Show is nearby so I will be hand delivering that this Saturday.
I'll let you know how that goes also.

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  1. Good to hear that you did some research to find a storage that can protect your painting! It's never easy to ship such precious pieces of art work, that's why, you should pack it properly. And make sure you don't overdo anything, or you might damage it. Anyway, good luck with the exhibit!


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