Friday, August 23, 2013

Pinocchios Done

Carlo Lorenzini was born in Florence in 1820, of humble parents. 
One day, he wrote, he met in the street an urchin who made a deep impression on him: this boy was to be the inspiration for "Pinocchio." 

 He took the pseudonym of Collodi from the village of Collodi (near Pescia, in Tuscany) where his beloved mother was born. He never married and never had children.

In 1881, Collodi wrote a story for "Il giornalino dei bambini." He was in urgent need of money, and his "Pinocchio" was born out of inspiration and out of necessity. In sending in the story, Collodi wrote to the editor: "Ti mando questa bambinata, fanne quello che ti pare, ma se me la strappi, pagamela bene, per farmi venire la voglia di seguitarla." (I am sending you this children's piece. Do with it what you see fit. But if you snatch it up, pay it well, so that I will feel like continuing it.) The story was called "Avventure di un burattino," the adventures of a puppet.

My "Pinocchios" are also from Florence, Italy.  These little wooden toys are sold all over the tourists spots around Rome and Florence.  There is even an all Pinocchios store in Florence.
A magical place for so many reasons.  I must return someday!

"Pinocchios", Watercolor, 13" x 16"
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

What fun this was!  I will have to try some other toys in the future.

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