Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Diamond for April

As the April birthstone, diamonds are the ideal gift for a loved one. And now you have more choices than ever. Get creative and give the ultimate gift of beauty: a fancy-color diamond. 

Fancy-color diamonds are natural, rare and truly exotic gem of the earth. Diamonds in hues of yellow, red, pink, blue, and green range in intensity from faint to vivid and generally the more saturated the color, the higher the value. In fact, diamonds sparkling with intense color are rare and may be priced higher than a colorless diamond of equal size. 

The American Gem Society

As you may know I am a full on, in your face blast of color kind of watercolorist.
So you can understand why I have left gems like the Diamond and the Pearl for near to last in this series.  

However, i think I found the best solution for this gem in the white chrysanthum.
I choose a straight on composition with strong lighting in hopes of capturing the faceted characteristics of this "girls best friend" gem.  Also, finding this description above from the American Gem Society allowed me a little artistic play in the painting.

Here you see brightness and shadowing in hues of yellow, rose, violet and blues.  So it allows me the color I love but stays true to the gem it represents.  The dark background lets the white of the paper really shine through and gives a glow to the work that I was hoping for.

The original painting and Giclee prints are available only through my website


"Diamond" (April), Watercolor, 8" x 10"
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

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