Wednesday, October 17, 2012


At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I think I've had a breaktrough with this one. 

Watercolor was a medium I never really was interested in other tham to fill in my pen and ink drawings.  Until four years ago.  As a Pa certified art teacher I needed to fullfill a certain number of continuing ed credits.  Well my deadline was fast approaching for that year so I enrolled in a quick watercolor class at our local community college.

And just fell in love.  Once I realized the extent of the detail the medium allowed I couldn't get enough.

After the class ended I found myself sitting for hours in the book store absorbing artists books on watercolor.  I played with glazes and values, subscribed to watercolor magazines and practice, practice, practice!  I retaught myself color theories and applications and I just started painting, thrilled with the amount of detail and realism I was able to pull off.  Color, glazes, washes, values- I got it and loved it.  But I never really got what watercolor is really about- the light- until now.

Watercolor, 12" x 18"
©Carmella Tuliszewski

The light.  The white of the paper shining through.  Sometimes it's about what you don't lay down on the paper.  I feel like I just can't get to all the paintings I want to do fast eough.  One more Flower Feast piece to go.

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