Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lady's Slippers and the Bumble Bee

I am in between projects right now.  
After completing the hydrangeas I am in the beginning stages of my next big still life.  
I have set my propts in place and am now working out a composition that really catches my eye.  I have another intense drawing to do for this one and thought I needed a little side piece to work on as a break.

Enter Lady's Slippers and the Bumble Bee
Something a little different from me.

I have been really interested in the botanical illustration look of a detailed painting on a clean white background.  That idea became, "What if I added a border design?", and then "What if that design became a stylized little illustration at the top?"and "What if I gave it a title space?"
It's more a sytlized illustration that may or may not become, dare I say, a series.

The bumble bees have been added because in my research I learned that the bumble bee is the only insect that can pollinate this lovely orchid.

WIP.  I got to take out some toys and gagets for this one.

Just in case you're interested here is some interesting info on the Lady's Slipper orchid.


  1. You are so very talented. Your botanical illustration is wonderful. Saw your FB post...led me to your blog...became a follower. Must admit, spending so much time on FB, I've ignored the blogs.

  2. Thank you, Johanna, for making the trip over here! :) Whenever I post a link to my blog on FB it never really seems to catch on the way an original post does. It's a crazy thing but I'll keep trying! Much thanks for your comment.

  3. Beautiful illustration Carmella! Your bees are adorable and the orchid is breathtaking! I am curious to see what you are working on, if this one is a "side project." Have a great weekend!

  4. Thank you Celia. I am having difficulty coming up with a composition that in my mind is worth painting. I love my objects but just not feeling the rest of it. So the orchids were a nice break from the confusion. But I'll keep trying on the new still life. I think it could be something but just not there yet. :)


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