Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Signature Membership!

On Sunday I was honored to receive Signature Membership into
The Philadelphia Watercolor Society.
It is my first Signature Membership and all the more special because it is with my 
hometown organization.
This years show recieved hundreds of entries but selected only 75 pieces.
The gallery was large, open and well lit.

The two last photos are from PWCS

The reception was very well attended and with my family and friends there made for a perfect day.
All the hardworking and dedicated board members of PWCS put together
a lovely event from unpacking and hanging paintings to preparing the appitizer table.
I am so grateful to do this work and honored to be included with this room full of
outstanding artists.


  1. Congratulations Carmella! Your work is just beautiful! I found you through Celia's blog hop. I look forward to following your achievements. Happy Autumn!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! It was a big day for me. Thanks for following.


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