Friday, October 3, 2014

Flowers, Tinted Glass and Pattern on Pattern

By now you know that I love complications.
Pattern on pattern, complementary colors, reflected and refracted surfaces
all make me very happy.  When they all appear in one painting, 
well, I'm over the moon the whole time I'm working.

"Summer Harvest"
Watercolor, 18" x 24"
©Carmella Tuliszewski
I have written in my previous posts about setting up and shooting this still life.
I love overhead viewpoints for a more dramatic effect.
I found this arrangement quite by accident.
I had laid all the elements down and was prepared to put a more organized set up together.
Before I started moving things around I noticed how interesting it was just as is.
A few little tweeks here and there and I was ready.
The whole composition sweeps up to the focal point in the upper right corner.
The lillies on the left could even be mistaken for a part of the fabric while your eye follows the movement to the upper right where the bottle stands up and grabs your full attention.
At least that's the way I hope it works!

But I saved painting the tinted green glass bottle for last because,
honestly, I didn't know what I was doing with that part of the image.
When I finally got to it, all the swirling, bubbling colors and values were a bit dizzying.
So I backed away from it for a day and reacquainted myself with a 
contemporary still life painter that I have admired for decades.

Janet Fish paints sunny jam packed paintings of which glass is a key feature in most of her work.
What I learned is that painting colored glass is less about blending and more about fitting 
separate color shapes together like a jigsaw puzzle.

It took awhile to get started but once I thought of it as putting a puzzle together,
one shape built on another and so on.

I have been collecting tinted bottles all summer.
I've found forgotten ones in the back of my own cuboards and during my many thrift store trips.
All different colors and shapes.
I have an idea brewing for how to put them together.
Until next time, I thank you for stopping by!


  1. A magnificent painting, Carmella! I love the unusual way you have included all the elements of a still life but it's everything but.The mix of colors is beautiful and flows around the painting.
    Thanks for the info about painting colored glass...very interesting! I will follow the check out Janet's work! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much Celia! I'm a bit hooked on the idea of painting glass now, not
      to mention how fun it is to puruse thrift stores looking for a good find!

  2. Ooh Carmella your art work blows me away!! This is so sumptuous, luscious and gobsmacking!! I love everything about this as painting glass is something that appeals to me enormously although I don't do it as well as you. I also LOVE flowers, fabric and china. Keep up the amazing work!!

  3. Thank you Wendy! I love all your photos and sketches. Also the painting with the china bowl and sugar cubes- lovely!


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