Friday, May 23, 2014

Portrait Progress

I made decent progress today. 
Her complextion looks much more lively now.
I added glazes and blots of Vermillion Hue along with more Opera Rose in the cheeks.
Although it took much trial and error to get there.
And I worked on the hair more.

Just starting the wreath and happy to be on to something a little more in my comfort zone.
Not ready to call myself a portrait artist, not by a long shot, 
but feel better about how it's going.

I've included the last progress pic so you can see the difference.
Lots more to come but for now a long holiday weekend, yay!


  1. I love seeing the progress, the hair and skin tones are spot on. I can see this be the first of many portraits! Enjoy your weekend Carmella!

  2. Dear Carmella - I just discovered your blog and lovely art work through Celia. You are certainly very talented. Your florals as well as your still lives and portraits are awesome. I am so happy to visit you. Will be back again soon. Also toured your studio...lovely set up...enjoy seeing where others create. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a delightful day.

    1. Thank you Celia and Debbie for visiting and leaving such kind, encouraging comments.
      I really appreciate it! Hopefully I will get back to posting next week as i've been busy with
      family and projects around the house and garden. I always seem to slow up just a bit on my
      painting during the summer months. Hope you are both enjoying your summer so far!


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