Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sparkling Petunias

I found the research for these petunias in, of all places, Atlantic City.  While shopping with my daugther at all their great outlet sotres, I noticed many beautiful pots along the street just packed with flowers.  I snapped away ( I always have my camera) and this painting is from a composit drawing.

from "The Flower Feast" series
Watercolor,  12" x 18"
© Carmella Tuliszewski

I'm always attracted to subjects that glisten in the sun.  But that's because I love to paint the shadows.

These shadows are filled with Thalo Purple, Vermilion hue and Permanent Rose with a splash here and there of Hookers Green because complements make the best shadows.  Since greens are not staining colors they are easily picked up and thats how I add the veins.  Run a thin brush with a little water  along the line you wish and a quick pick up with a tissue does the trick.  

But this, as with most of my paintings,  is more about value than color.  I always keep a black and white copy with me while I paint.  It makes it easier to see the darks and lights.

It's great to get back to work after a very busy end of summer.  

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  1. Another stunning piece, Carmella and a good tip about the black and white copy!


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