Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Little Legends

The following paintings are examples completed many years ago.  When my children were little I did some freelancing while they were napping or in school.  One of my projects included painting portraits of little girls as princesses in this series I called Little Legends.  I advertized in local papers (wasn't on the internet then) and in school and church news letters.

And the orders actually started coming in, I was so excited.  I worked out each illustration, transferred the line drawing and painted, adding the face from a photo sent of each girl.  The problem came with the repetitive nature of the series.  Painting these illustrations over and over again became too boring.  And reproducing full color illustrations was just not workable.  So I closed up shop on this endevor and went on to something else.  But the great thing I did get out of it was these paintings of my then six year old daughter in princess mode.  She was a great little model!

Each painting below measures 12' x 12" in Acrylic
© Carmella Tuliszewski

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