Monday, June 4, 2012

A Sweet Setup!

I'd like to share a solution my husband found for my little studio.  The laptop I've been using all this time actually belongs to my school.  Well now I have to give the laptop back.  Because I work with a lot of flowers, I need picture reference in addition to working from life.  Hard copies just don't allow for the true color I see using the color of light from a video screen.

So, my very clever and helpful husband put together this oh so sweet set up for me.

We already have a desk top and I no longer needed all the bells and whistles of a full on laptop.  We purchased an iPad and have that hooked into a computer monitor.  My photo reference is streamed into the iPad from the desk top on the other side of the room and connected to the monitor.  
                                       All for half the price of purchasing a new laptop.   

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