Monday, January 25, 2016

"Lemoncello" and "Ripples"

I made good use of the recent snow storm by spending time on my newest painting.
So great to have a nice long stretch to concentrate.
How crazy are all these colors?! 
But that's why I chose it.

"Lemoncello", watercolor, 18" x 24"
Work in Progress
©Carmella Tuliszewski

The colors and shapes bounce all around to each other.
This is my first time painting my new hand blown glass globes and the refractions inside each is daunting but fabulous to decipher.
I picked the dish up while on a trip to Italy three years ago.

Now to the cloth.
Adding shadow to yellows is difficult because they can become "dirty" looking very quickly.
It has taken many glazes to get it this far and I think I will let it be for now.
Color reacts to it's surroundings.
I need to see the cloth in relation to all the other objects to judge what the next step 
should be before I overwork it.

When I was a middle school art teacher I loved teaching color theory.
I brought out my prisms and flashed spectrums around the room,
used handprinted cards to demonstrate simultaneous contrast, 
and taught how to create depth with color values.  
I learned alot in those days, things I forgot I knew.
And as a result I understand and adore color.
I may over saturate my paintings but it's intentional and maybe not for everyone.
But for now it makes me happy every time I sit at my table.

All dressed up and ready for it's trip to New York!
I picked up my painting for the American Watercolor Show today from my framer.
I cut my own mats and sometimes restore vintage frames for my pieces but I thought this more modern looking work needed a fresh new frame.
The silver compliments the predominately cool color scheme.
Overall size is 30"x 34"

Well back to Grandmom duties, wedding planning and 
hopefully a little painting!


  1. Your newest painting simply sizzles! Love your color story.
    And, oh, your painting that is headed for New York is just stunning! Love everything you do!

  2. The process must be mind boggling for you but you would never know it. Lemoncello is beautiful, the colors work so well together! Perfect frame for "Ripples", it is a show stopper!


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