Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Potted Gerbers

I began this painting just before we left for vacation.
It has been a nice work to get back into the swing of painting again.
My painting in summer is always slow but this year even more so.

Watercolor,  10" x 18"
©Carmella Tuliszewski

Another valuable study of light and I had the chance to use a 
new color I aquired while in Seattle.
Shadow Violet by Daniel Smith is a beautiful soft shadow complimenting
a sun drenched scene.  I used it here mostly on the blue and white pot.
Mixed with a bit of Ultramarine Blue it worked great to
give a glow to the shaded area.
Some of the shaded areas of the daisies were also washed over with this same mixture.

"Sunbathers" will be on my website for sale.
Message me that you saw it on my blog and there will be a discount.

My family and I just returned from our vacation in New Hampshire.
Time for family, antiquing and boating. 
And I came back with lots of great pictures and little treasures
for my still life set ups.

It looks to be a very busy and I hope productive Fall as 
I start working on a couple of competition pieces.

I only have two in progress shots for this painting.

And I can't let you get away without sharing a few vacation pics!

Good times.
Enjoy these waning days of summer!


  1. Beautiful patterns, colors and I love the shadow colors! Thanks for sharing the tip about it! It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. The baby is so precious!!

    1. It's always fun to find a new color! And yes our little Henry is a sweet and happy baby.
      We are so blessed.

  2. Great post! Your painting is just outstanding! Thanks for the tip. Looks like you had a lovely time in New Hampshire. I especially love the family photo with the baby. Happy days!!

    1. Thank you Chris. New Hampshire was wonderful with cool days and nights.
      We have been having such a string of heatwaves here in the northeast that some time
      spent in New England was fabulous!

  3. An outstanding painting, such great work on light/shadow and pattern !

  4. I love to work on subjects that emphasis the contrasts of light and shadow. Thank you Jane for stopping by.


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