Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My favorite spot in Seattle

Larry and I always try to take the most advantage of a city we visit by seeing just everything we can.
And this Seattle trip was no exception.

We took an early morning stroll through Pike Place Market, heard the song 
of the fish mongers and made sure we didnt miss the flying fish, 
enjoyed the dazzling assorment of flowers on display,
went down Post Alley and The Gum Wall
(ok the gum wall kind of grossed me out)
and up to the top of the Space Needle
(that's 15 minutes I'll never get back)
Took a cruise around the sound on a rare bright and sunny afternoon (now that was fun!)
And watched my husband, the fisherman's, joy as he taught me all about 
The Ship Locks, and Fish Ladders.

But my absolute favorite spot was the Chihuly Museum and Garden.

If you are not familiar with this man and his art, I know you have seen 
his chandeliers in high end hotels and casinos.  

These beauties lay on a lit glass ceiling.

His paintings for glass ideas are stunning on their own. 

Outside and in the garden.

There are not many occassions when I think my trusty Nikon is just not worthy.
Pictures just do not do this place justice.  
What stunning beauty and given my recent obsession with colored glass, very inspiring.

Please visit this video for background on Dale Chihuly 
and see work in progress by himself  and his team.
And of course your own search of the man and his work will be bountiful.


  1. Hi Carmella, I did the same tourist things just a few weeks ago. The Chihuly Museum knocked my socks off. The gardens were a work of art, too. Love your photos.

    1. Thank you Julie. It really was impressive. I was reminded of the trand now to display those glass totems in our gardens.
      I also spent a morning in the Seattle Museum of Art which is also a must see stop for one of those famous cloudy Seattle days.

  2. Stunning glass art, so beautiful! I was not familiar with this artist, thanks for sharing!

    Great photos...thank you for not showing us a photo of the gum wall :-(

    1. Haha Celia, although the Gum Wall has a strange mosaic beauty it was a bit hard to stay there looking for long. Especially after witnessing a parent letting their child touch it for a picture. ick! The Gum Wall is one of the germiest tourist attractions in the world, second only to the Blarney Stone in Ireland.

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure! Your photos are a treat! I'm a 3 hour drive away from Seattle. After reading your post, think I'll head up there. Chihuly's glass and artwork are stunning. Can't wait to see the video. Great post!

  4. Thank you Chris. Try to be there in the evening. On our last day we saw a tv report showing the Chihuly Gardens at night.
    I was so sorry we missed that it looked spectacular!


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