Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have been excited about this painting from the minute I spied these ornaments 
on my daughter-in-law's table as a Christmas decoration. (Thank you Jenni!)
These are Shiny Brite vintage ornaments popular in the 1950s.
Another thrift store find.
The spheres with all their colors, scratches, reflections are just luscious to work with!

Watercolor, 20" x 24"

When I set this scene up for the photo shoot, I climbed up on my ladder, 
looked down and was thrilled at what I saw.  
All the circular crystal on the blue green pattern and cast shadows 
appeared to swim in front of my eyes!  
It had the feel of the image liquifying in front of me leaving the spheres to bob and float 
on the surface creating ripples as in rain drops on a still lake.
(How's THAT for an overactive imagination! haha)

I tried to keep that effect while working. 
All the background blues unify the piece where otherwise the colored spheres may have 
looked spotty on the page.
All the years I spent as a commercial illustrator always help when I organize a composition.
The dishes almost form a gathered circle adding to the theme.
Also I always like to have the image go off the edges of the page in at least two sides.
It just looks more interesting to me and brings the viewer into the scene.

Also if you looked carefully you will see yours truly reflected in most of the spheres.
That strange black rectangle is me up on my ladder holding my camera up while photographing.

Actually I found the spheres easy and fun to work with but it was the crystal that near drove me mad!
Its all a puzzel as you lay in one section next to the other.

I had some great news last week!
My painting "Summer Harvest" has been juried into the 
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society International Exhibition.
120 paintings were choosen from over 500 entries representing
34 states and 7 countries.
I will receive my Signature Membership status at the awards ceremony in September.
It has been a fabulous show year for me of which I am very grateful.
I know how tough the competition is for these society shows 
and how very many deserving paintings entered.

"Summer Harvest"
Watercolor, 18" x 24"

Next week I am off to Seattle for the NWWS International Exhibition.
I will post the sights on my Facebook Studio page all week.

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. It really looks like water and ripples, incredible talent! Your works in progress show how you masterfully you control the medium. I see you, especially in the bottom green ball, how fun to spot you!
    Congratulations on all your well deserved success! I am so happy for you!


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