Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I am still working on my sparkley new still life, albeit at a snails pace.
But I am enjoying the subject and the process so no complaints here.

Because my studies are often color saturated it can be challenging to seek out 
the true high and low key areas of the composition.  
To this end, I keep a black and white copy of the set up near by.
This makes it much easier to pick out the highlights and shadows.

The cut crystal bowls are a delicate balance of refracted color from the underlying fabric
and the various twisted planes of the glass.  
But that's exactly why I chose this subject to study.

It may take a while but I do love coming down to my table every morning to have this waiting for me.
I'll finish it…eventually!

In the meantime I have weedy gardens to tame, a shore house to organize and a 
little grandson to get to know.

Meet Henry.
Born May 6, 2015

Have a good Holiday weekend!


  1. It's a treat seeing your process; love the tip on the black and white value photo. Will look forward to seeing your progress. And congrats on the arrival of your newest family member. He's a good looking guy!!

  2. Incredible work in progress! I can see it will be another show stopper,love the composition. Thanks for sharing your tip about the photo...
    Henry is precious!! Congratulations to you, Carmella!

    1. Thank you Celia. I always slow down a bit painting in the summer so a perfect time to catch up
      on life!


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