Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thrift Trip

Wether or not you are an artist, if you have not discovered the joys of a good 
bargain at your local thrift store, you are missing a lot.
As a still life painter, I am always looking for unusual props for my set ups.
I mostly have an idea of what I want to put together and go on a hunt.
But sometimes I get completely side tracked by what I stumble upon.

Before we got socked with yet another snowstorm, 
I took a trip to my favorite thrift store looking for inspiration.

I'm still holding onto my glass fascination and I spy a beauty on that top shelve I did go back for.
(Fair warning, if you see something you really like pick it up and carry it around while you think about it.  I have walked away and gone back many times to have my object gone)

Frames everywhere for really, really cheap.
I try to complete my paintings in a standard size to make it more affordable for 
myself and my buyers to frame.  Now the art in most of these thrift store frames are usually not anything you or I would hang in out homes but the frames are a gold mind.
Check that they are real wood and have good corners.
The rest like backing, wiring, scratches you can easily mend to be just a good as a new frame.
Add a new backing with heavy brown kraft paper and double sided tape around 
the back edges of the frame.
And did I mention they are really cheap!

Here I have to confess a rookie mistake of mine.
The first time I did this I bought a beautiful frame with a broken glass.
So, I thought, I'll go to my hardware store and buy a piece of glass for just a few dollars.
Very wrong!  Window glass is much heavier and thicker than picture glass.
The whole thing was ridiculously heavy and I have to redo it.

Fabrics!  As you may know I love pattern and prints in my set ups.
And most of the ones you have seen in my paintings were thrift store finds.
And don't forget ties and scarves.

How fun these would be to paint.

My take of the day for a whopping $8.00!
I have been looking for unusual bottles for an upcoming painting, 
the glass platter is perfect for my next painting (and as a serving tray for company)
and the scraf is for me.  I think it will be fun with a tee and jeans.

Btw, here's the view from my front porch this morning.
We are in the middle of what we all hope is the last of winter snow storm.
There's a street and other houses out there somewhere.
Very pretty as long as I dont have to drive in it!

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  1. What a great savings and wonderful inspiration! I think you will have plenty of indoor time to paint with all the snow! Stay warm Carmella!


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