Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Illustrated Portrait

This is, by far, my most fun painting of the summer.
I dont know if this type of portrait has been done before (but I assume it has since somewhere everything has been done before).

Every part of this portrait means something to my daughter.

"Her Grace"
Watercolor, 18" x 20"
©Carmella Tuliszewski

As a child Christine collected Disney snow globes.  Winnie the Pooh was a favorite.
The Clamatis represents our home since we have always had this flower growing on our lamp post.
Tweety Bird, another favorite!

We vacationed in New Hampshire every summer by the lake.
Represented here by the pine branch and chickadees.
Many rainy afternoons were spent playing Candyland.
And the pieces from the board game, Pretty, Pretty Princess was a fun game she loved playing with her Dad. Yes it was pretty hysterical.

Her stuffed dog Tramp was almost always by her side seeing her through bad dreams, 
tummy aches, and comforting sleepiness.

When I had the idea for this project I asked her what she remembers from this age.
In her last year of preschool her classes were in the afternoon.
One of her favorite memories is sitting in Daddys big chair 
and me bringing her a peanut and jelly sandwich,
with the crust cut off and cut into triangles.  And, oh yeah, watching Barney the Purple Dinasoaur 
(couldn't figure out how to squeeze him in here) before leaving for school.

And lastly, I dug out one of her illustrated stories from kindergarten.
I faithfully copied it just as she left it.

And it reads,
"It is my birthday.  I am happy.
I got a big present.  I was surprised."

Kind of says it all doesn't it?
Yesterday Christine turned 27.
Happy Birthday Christine!


  1. Hi Carmella, I knew this would turn out as awesome as it did! I have never seen a portrait like this! As a mom to two girls myself, I can't help but think back about my girls at that tender age (they would love that snow globe even today!) . It is a special idea to create a memory frame with the little quirky things they love, it tells a story within the portrait. I particularly love the drawing she made included on the bottom. I see they love hearing about the way they were when they were little and this keeps those memories alive in a way that only a mom remembers. It is a beautiful keepsake to share with your daughter. Happy 27th birthday to your daughter!

    Your husband playing "Pretty, Pretty Princess" makes me laugh, but that is one loving father!

    1. Hi Celia. I am so sorry to be delayed in responding to this very nice post on my daughter's portrait.
      Thank you so much! I hope all is well with you as you wind down what I'm sure was a beautiful Italian summer.


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