Monday, April 14, 2014

Gathering Props and Steam!

I have been a total art making slacker the past couple of weeks.  
The weather finally broke here and it has been glorious.  So I guess I'll blame my lack of art production on the weather and even spring cleaning and catching up on things like groceries and laundry.  

Today I actually got my act together and really excited about this next still life.
I have all my props ready and can't wait to play around with set ups for my photo shoot.
What's stopping me you say?
I like to shoot outside with a bright, sunny day.
Today it is nothing but cloudy and will be for the next two days with rain on the way. Ugh!

While I wait for the sun to break through I can either work around the house some more
(gardens to clean out and prepping for Easter dinner this weekend)
or I could fill my time with a little flower painting.
No idea which way I'm going on this!

But for now, here is a shot of some of the props I have ready for the next set up.
Yes, I am more than a little late for an Easter themed painting but can't wait to paint 
all these beautiful objects mixed in with Easter candy.
So when it takes me until May to finish it we'll call it a spring painting :)

1 comment:

  1. The colors and props will make this a great spring painting Carmella! I look forward to see it unfold. I hope you don't have to wait to eat the candy until the painting is finished...wishing you a happy Easter with your friends and family!


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