Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Value of Flowers

I am now moving on to something I have not painted in months, flowers.  
And I have missed them!

This is much smaller than I usually work at 8" x 10".
I am also approaching it differently than usual.  If you've been following me (and I hope you have!) you know that I always just dive right in with full blast color.
This time I start by laying in values with Dioxazine Violet.  Why Violet? 
For that you need to know a little color theory. The flower will be yellow and magenta.  
Violet is Complementary to yellow and Analogous to Magenta making a good base for establishing darks and lights.
There are as many ways to work as there are artists.  We'll see if this way works for me.

I have painted in a mask to cover up the small white pedals surrounding the center of the flower.
I don't usually use a frisket mask, wanting to paint around areas as part of the process, but have to admit I see it's merits.
You can still see the underlay of violet I can now use as a guide.

The mask has been rubbed off and look how great those white pedals turned out.
I can see now that I have gotten too dark in the bottom pedals and will repair in the next step.
I see some scrubbing out and washing in on the way!

Watercolor, 8" x 10"
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

A powerful burst of color is this one!  
It took three glazes of color to come up with such a strong pink.
Violet Rouge, Ruby Madder and Opera Rose.  It was so much fun to paint flowers again that I do believe I will continue with a few more.  
I enjoy working in this smaller size.  It's a different focus than the larger pieces I usually do and I see it as a companion piece to work on during larger projects.

My goals for the summer artwise?
1. To continue with these smaller paintings
2.  One more larger Italian painting
3. One large still life painting.
4. Keep marketing.
5. Experiment with different techniques and styles while sipping iced tea on my patio!


  1. I love it Carmella. The first photo of the values in purple is awesome and mysterious. The final photo is cool too. I like the contrast of the out of focus duotone at bottom with the vibrant color above and how it leaves some room for imagination. (You know me and my, "less is more" philosophy.) Can't wait to see the finish.

  2. Thank you Sandy. I will be filling in more at the bottom, just leaves, but I will keep it lose. And I do like starting with the value painting first and maybe will try one only in value. If i can stand not coloring it up! Have a good holiday weekend.

    1. I'd like to see you do one with minimal color ... Just for the heck of it. :-D
      And I WILL have a nice weekend! THANKS, You too GF!


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