Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Duomo Done

"The Flirt"
Watercolor,  9" x 23"
©Carmella Tuliszewski 2013

It's so nice to have this finished.  It was intense.  If I have a signature way of working it's having my subjects drenched in sunlight.  I really feel that here and that makes me happy.
In the end I deceided to keep the yellow sunlight on the right of the cathedral because I like the warm and cool contrasts.  The figures in the background were very enjoyable to paint, each minding their own business, strolling and sightseeing.  

But what I like most, and what is the key to this series is the people connection.  There is definite contact between the lady officer and the young man.  They cross each others path and smile, why we'll never know.  I hope they're happy whereever they are now.

I painted this mostly in a straight forward manner by mixing and testing colors on my pallette before working the surface.  My new Kolinsky brush really was wonderful here as it comes to the sharpest point I've ever worked with.

I have a working tile of "The Flirt", but is this flirtation that of the young couple or the effect the beauty of the Cathedral of Florence, The Duomo, has on all who she her?

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  1. What a beautiful and intense piece, Carmella. So much to look at! I would love to see it in person. Can you bring it tomorrow? It's a feast for the eyes.


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