Saturday, December 29, 2012

Personal Christmas Joys

First of all, Santa did stop by the Tuliszewski house and left a few things which make my geeky artist's heart very happy.

Now my prize possessions, three Kolinsky Sable brushes.
These are the Porche of brushes, a fine point, amazing spring...
I haven't actually used them yet but can't wait!

I have been curious about the Photoshop program to use with my research phtotos as a way to enhance and manipulate the image.  A way to play around with the not so perfect photo or to experiment with the tantilizing possibilities.  And if you are thinking this is nothing really new, you are correct that I am late to the whole digitial show.  But I am trying to catch up!

And my ten years of Watercolor Magazine on CD.  I have only gone thru the first year and bookmarked some articles to go back to.  I find these helpful when I feel stuck, just can't get started or back to a piece or for plain inspiration.

My sister-in-law asked me to design and paint these bulletin boards for her grand daughters.
Which I was happy to do.  They were fun and so different from the way I usually paint that I found it a freeing experience.  Fun, colorful doodles!

And in the most creative gift category, my future daught-in-law, Jenni, made this very unique ornament for me.  Our shore town took a direct hit from hurricane Sandy this year.  We were very lucky in that our damage was minimal compared to our neighbors.  While Jenni was part of the Sandy clean up crew she found this fishing lore in the debris around our house.  She had it made into an ornament complete with engraving.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday and that 2013 will be happy, healthy and peaceful for all.

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  1. Looks like you got some really nice gifts, Carmella! You must have been a very good girl! I love the bulletin boards you painted and the ornament Jenni made is very creative! Happy New Year to you too!


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