Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Hearts Alight"

"Hearts Alight", Watercolor, 14" x 20"
© Carmella Tuliszewski 2012

I actually finished "Hearts Alight" almost a week ago but kept "playing" with it by picking out little touches here and there.  I had a great time working on this and learned so much that I'm sure will be helpful on future projects.  The crystal dish did a lot of fun things to the objects in and around it.  Each section of the glass distorted the area below, making each section it's own little abstract design.

Here are the progressions.

Well, this goes on my board and I'll move onto something else.  But I'm sure I'll be taking it down every once in awhile to "play" before I submit it to the show. 

Before I go I'd like to share a new (to me) product I used for this painting.  As you can imagine there were a lot of highlights to preserve in this picture.  I try not to use white paint because it changes the feel of the work.  So that leaves some sort of masking product.  Honestly, I have not had much success with masking fluids.  They destroy brushes, dry too fast and are never thin enough for subtle highlights.

I saw this product at Jerry's Artarama.  These two are fine and superfine points.  The long needled cap inserts and keeps the fluid from clogging.
They worked great and if you gently squeeze and hold the bottle to the side as you drag it along you can get a very fine line.  It dries to a light blue color. I am thrilled to have found this.  Give it a try.
It's called MASQUEPEN. 

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  1. Awesome piece Carmella! It should be a shoe-in for the P.A. Watercolor Society show! And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you come home with a prize, either. Especially with beginner's luck on your side!! Thanks for the tips on the MASQUEPEN. I have used it before, but didn't know what the pin was for. It didn't come with directions back then. Might still have some around here somewhere. Daaa. Thanks for the info... "Big Hugs" ~ Sandy :-D


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