Friday, January 9, 2015

This Weeks Progress on Hydrangeas

I have been painting everyday on this large, fairly intricate piece.

Hydrangeas, 18" x 24" Watercolor
Keeping all the little pedals organized takes a lot of patience.
I could have switched to a more loose approach, which is a lovely way to go, 
but not what I had in mind for this piece.
This is a challenge for me and that's what I wanted.

So after blocking in the shade areas and preserving the whites, 
I'd like to tell you that I plunged ahead, but no.
I went for a cup of tea and to watch the new episode of Downton Abbey I missed this week.

I made much better progress today.
The center blossom still needs some color strengthening.
The subtleties required to paint such a soft, complicated flower is another thing that is a challenge for me on this piece.
Go bold or go home is my usual motto but that's why I wanted to try this,
to see if I could have a lighter control in my palette.

Still much work to do but I'm fine with that because I'm throughly enjoying the process!

Moving along a bit slower today.
Must be a Friday thing.
I will continue to fill in the entire area and then go back for color and details.
This is usually the time in a painting in which I have to push through because I'm already thinking about the next painting!

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  1. You have made incredible progress, I love the subtleties in the flower petals! Have a wonderful Sunday Carmella!


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